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Enjoy the freedom to travel, explore and smile more with Superior and Superlex® Automotive and EN/DIN Maintenance Free Batteries featuring PFX Technology®. Highly refined lead alloy decreases corrosion and reduces grid growth, while high performance separators reduce water loss and enhance cyclability. EN/DIN batteries are available in a number of foreign and domestic applications, including GM, Volkswagon, BMW and Mercedes Benz. The result is an automotive battery that delivers maximum performance, giving you the ability to power more of your favorite things in your car, light truck or SUV.


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Superior's Superlex® and custom label automotive and EN/DIN batteries feature our revolutionary PFX Technology. 


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  1. Premium Alloy
  2. Robust Grid Design
  3. Daramic Separators
  4. Just-In-Time Battery Formation

Superior's lead is cleaned of unstable contaminants before it reaches our facility, leaving only the chemical elements that guarantee excellent battery performance. Through an in-house, quality-controlled process, we manufacture the lead alloy used in our batteries, establishing the right chemical composition to decrease corrosion, reduce grid growth and increase battery life. Each roll of cast lead strip is inspected to ensure it meets Superior's proprietary metallurgical and electrochemical performance standards.

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Superior's expanded positive grid construction provides increased cycle life to our automotive battery line.

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Superior and Superlex® batteries feature the Daramic® Duralife high-performance polyethylene battery separator. This separator extends battery life, enhances cyclability and improves paste-to-lead bonding performance.

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Though components are manufactured daily, the vast majority of our batteries are not formed — or filled with electrolyte solution — until an order is placed. Validated by date stamp, this unique feature of Superior and Superlex® batteries means our distributors are getting batteries in the earliest stage of life, and consumers are experiencing fresher and longer battery performance.

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