Superior showcases enhanced technology at AAPEX

Monday, 11 November 2013 20:36

When the doors opened Nov. 5 to kick off the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) in Las Vegas, Superior Battery Manufacturing Company introduced thousands of national and international buyers to a new battery revolution.

The company showcased its branded battery line, Superlex®, and its revolutionary flooded cell technology, PFX®, at the annual show. Released in 2012, PFX® delivers maximum performance in multiple applications, improving energy conductance, heat resistance, cyclability and increasing the overall life of the battery.

Superior enhanced PFX® this year with the use of extremely clean, highly refined lead. Through an in-house, quality-controlled process, Superior now manufactures its own high-performance lead alloy strip, establishing the right chemical composition to decrease corrosion, reduce grid growth and increase battery life. Each roll of cast lead strip is inspected to ensure it meets Superior’s proprietary metallurgical and electrochemical performance standards.

This highly refined lead combines with other features of PFX® — continuous paste mixing, expanded positive grids, micro-process controlled curing, embedded polyfiber mats (severe duty series only) and high-performance separators — to power to Superlex® batteries. Another unique feature to PFX® is just-in-time battery formation, validated by date stamp. The vast majority of Superlex® batteries are not filled with electrolyte solution until an order is placed, which ultimately means fresher and longer battery life for consumers.

“Superior is committed to continuous improvement,” CEO Randy Hart said. “PFX® Technology will constantly evolve to meet consumer demands for a battery that performs longer while remaining cost-effective. Manufacturing and refining lead alloy strip in-house is a major accomplishment for our team and one that is seeing incredible performance results. I enjoyed sharing this story with customers at AAPEX.”

Superior Battery is celebrating 30 years of continued success in the Starting, Lighting, Ignition (SLI) industry this year. The company’s batteries are completely designed and manufactured in the United States, with 95% of raw materials in every battery generated domestically and 60 to 80% of lead and plastic recycled from spent batteries. Superior utilizes closed-loop manufacturing processes, in which materials are cleaned and reclaimed in every situation possible.

Superior has also made significant gains in increasing export sales during the past five years. With the help of federal and state resources, export sales have grown from only 3 percent of total revenue to more than 30 percent today. As a result, the company has been recognized for these efforts with three prestigious awards. In February, Superior received an Export Achievement Certificate from the U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Administration (ITA). The company was also named Exporter of the Year in 2011 in Commercial News USA and received the Kentucky World Trade Center Governor’s Award for International Trade Excellence in 2010.

AAPEX represents the $447 billion global motor vehicle aftermarket with more than 130,000 professionals from around the world participating in Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week. Automotive parts wholesale distributors, retailers, service chains, jobbers and service professionals attend the expo. This year’s event, Nov. 5-7 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, featured nearly 2,400 exhibitors and approximately 5,000 booths.

“Exhibiting at AAPEX gives us a great opportunity to introduce our products and technology to potential buyers from all over the world,” said Ray Goodearl, vice president of sales and marketing. “Superlex® and PFX® were extremely well received and we look forward to developing business relationships with these buyers.”