Building a more balanced battery with enhanced severe duty

Wednesday, 01 June 2016 12:20

A trend in the battery industry compares batteries only by the cold cranking amps (CCA) rating. This SAE rating shows the battery’s capacity to turn the engine and has little to do with the battery's endurance or storage capacity. This comparison can lead to improper assessment and improper application. Internal combustion engine vehicles now have higher demands for stable, long-lasting power.

SD data chart

Additionally, according to recent studies, more than 30% of battery failures nationwide are directly related to the plate or grid of the battery. Tests show that batteries built with the correct balance of cranking power and reserve capacity last longer and perform better, especially in applications with higher demands than cranking power.

Designed to excel in high-heat, high-cycling applications, Superior’s enhanced Severe Duty Series provides over-the-road trucks and construction equipment the power to work harder and longer. Heavier grids and added active material provide increased performance and cycle life in our Group 31 Severe Duty Series. A glass mat embedded within the positive plate provides extended cycling and rechargability.

Our Severe Duty line, available in custom label and Superlex®, features our revolutionary PFX® and Grid-Loc technologies. Grid-Loc provides exceptional high vibration resistance, while premium alloy and long-lasting separators combine with other elements of PFX Technology to provide maximum performance. 

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